Introducing the Ron Paul Institute

for Peace and Prosperity.

Ron Paul kicked off his newest initiative with this press conference earlier in the week. This message is truly a non-partisan one and I look forward to seeing the sort of information that is put out by this institution.

The inclusion of former congressman Dennis Kucinich in this venture is case in point. As I have said before (and echoing Murray Rothbard), I believe that the libertarian message on war and personal liberties is central to the whole philosophy. The non-aggression principle does not only apply to landlords for rent control or employers for the minimum wage. It must also be applied to instances where real matters of life and death are at stake.

Building coalitions with people who share similar ideas on issues is a necessity in moving the needle on strictly partisan issues such as this. The recipe has long been that those in power support the extensive and invasive foreign policy decisions of the president while the minority party decries its abuses, only to switch positions after the next election. This clearly will not do. A useful coalition must move beyond this superficial partisan bickering and trading of votes. I believe an institute that is steadfastly dedicated to the principles of peace and prosperity will certainly help in getting that started.


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