“Reasonable” Political Thought

It is fairly clear that the spectrum of political thought in America’s public opinion measures an astounding 2.7 inches.  It ranges all the way from Hillary Clinton to Mitt Romney (never mind that both supported government controlled healthcare, the war in Iraq, and the war on drugs), and don’t you know that anyone who holds opinions outside of these two is a dangerous extremest?!).

Alongside this, however, it has been increasingly more evident that the pro-government/ pro-centralization argument for many of today’s current issues is simply presented as the “reasonable” or “sensible” or “common sense” solution rather than an expression of a political ideology.

It is not liberal to support various infringements on the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership!–It is merely the sensible thing to do!  Every American in their right mind must agree with that…

It is not conservative to support seemingly endless military interventions (either actively or behind the scenes) throughout any region of the world we determine to be important!–It is simply what is necessary to preserve our freedoms at home!

There is nothing debatable about that fact.

There is no ideological bias in our pro-centralization beliefs– It is the obvious starting point for a civilized discussion!

This issue is obvious when watching the news or listening to any politician speak, but its success is evident when talking with people who hold so-called “non-political” or “moderate” opinions.  While they believe they are being “non-ideological” with their opinions, people using this language fail to see the very ideology at the basis of their thought.  All opinions are based on an ideology, and it is important for people to understand that their “middle of the road” viewpoints are no less ideological (and thus, no more inherently correct or reasonable) than anyone else’s.


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