Battlefield: Chicago

The widespread violence in the city with one of the country’s most strict gun control laws has been well reported for the past few years.  Despite (or perhaps, because of) the efforts of the Daley and Emanuel administrations efforts to curb violence by limiting the legal opportunities to own or carry firearms in the city, murders have been increasing year after year.

Far from making the city safer, these gun controls have actually transformed the city into a battlefield, or worse.  WND is reporting that over the past decade in Chicago more people have been murdered than have been killed during the entire Operation Enduring Freedom (ie. the war in Afghanistan).  In fact, the murder count in Chicago more than DOUBLES those killed in Afghanistan over an even longer period of time.


As the city with the toughest control laws located in the state with the toughest gun control laws in the nation, the importance of these staggering statistics cannot be overlooked in terms of the current gun control debate.

As lawmakers make an emotionally-charged grab at “assault” rifles and “semi-automatic” weapons, an examination of the Chicago Police Department data shows that such calls miss the mark:  “Of the 4,251 people murdered, 3,371 died from being shot, with 98 percent of the murder weapons being a handgun. Thirty-seven people were killed with a rifle (caliber of bullet not specified), and 40 were killed with a shotgun.”  Further, the calls for more thorough background checks and other hindrances to legally purchasing a firearms would do little, if anything, to slow the violence in Chicago as even Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy admits “the weapon used is generally a handgun, and rarely is it purchased through legal channels.”


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