The Impossibility of Balancing a Checkbook

It should be no wonder that millions of Americans are in the red nearly $1 trillion in credit card debt.  

A study found that individuals graduating from 2 and 4 year colleges lacked basic competency in everyday skills such as balancing a checkbook, comprehending basic news articles, and calculating tips at restaurants.  

The results from the American Institute for Research study concluded (among other things) that 75% of two year college graduates and 50% of four year college graduates were incapable of completing everyday tasks.  Also the study found that 20% of students finishing a four year degree did not possess “basic mathematical ability”, while 30% of two year graduates did not excel past “elementary arithmetic”.

While such findings disconcerting about the future of our nation, they should also raise the question as to the quality of the education received at colleges and universities across the country.  As students continue to rack up more and more student debt, they are not receiving a training that is preparing them for life in the world.  

While there is not one simple solution to this problem, a starting point is to acknowledge the fact that a college education is not for everyone and to stop the government from pushing record number of high school graduates to attend college.  

College can certainly be a useful experience for those dedicated to work hard in pursuit of a certain career goal.  However, the reality is that is not what college is seen as by most people.  The truth is, for most people college is a drunken party…and an expensive one at that!


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